New Underwater Video of BP Oil Spill [VIDEO]

Congress has put the pressure on BP to release a video of the underwater oil spill (or gusher) polluting the *bleep* out of the Gulf of Mexico. Here is the just released video on YouTube.

Some bad news to follow as well.


Reportedly, Steve Wereley, the associate professor at Purdue University who told NPR the actual leak rate of the BP oil disaster is about 70,000 barrels a day (or 3 million gallons a day) says now that he is confident from these new videos that the rate is actually considerably higher.

Additionally, if you want some more good news, Propublica reports: “The two types of dispersants BP is spraying in the Gulf are banned for use on oil spills in the U.K.”

And, furthermore, the loop current is now drawing the BP oil to the Florida Keys. Combining this with other factors currently causing tremendous harm to corals — human sewage, metal pollution, and ocean warming and acidification resulting from global climate change — toxicologist Carys Mitchelmore, a professor at the University of Maryland’s Chesapeake Biological Laboratory and an expert on the impact of dispersants and dispersed oil on marine life, says: “We could be getting to the point that puts coral over the edge.”

Not good news, for the environment or all of us who rely on it to survive.

Source: Climate Progress

Image Credit: screenshot of YouTube video

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5 thoughts on “New Underwater Video of BP Oil Spill [VIDEO]”

  1. Kevin Ray Kinney

    What would you do if you designed a way to cap off that leak, 100%, jagged cut and all? Who would you contact? BP? Fox News? Hearst… Media? The Tribune (SLO)? U.S. Coast Guard? Kevin McCarthy House Representative? Friends and Family? Oprah? Yea, and after that? Well, I am that designer, and I have tried them all and more with no results. I have a way to latch on the wellhead and seal it. So, what now? Do you know someone who really wants this capped? Anyone? Perhaps someone "In Charge"? I have been "handled" so far, what next? If anyone responds, Officials only please, thank you. So, if you know anyone, then copy, paste and send to all you know. Heck there might be an intern, a part time janitor, or ??? who will read it and need to have my claims investigated, tell 'em to call first and bring a check from BP as the designs and materials are not free, right? Let's get this done. I have been trying for 30 days now, no response… can you try, one day? Thank You, KRKinney.

  2. wow. its amazing how many poeple forget the past. this is no were near the biggest oil spill. what about the mexican spill in the sixties that leaked for 9 months. the government and more so osama oh i mean obama the f n marxist pig couldnt stop this leak if his life depended on it. thow it is trajic, mother earth will clean what we cant get…… of corse they are trying to recover what they can. there is billoins lost. plus.. the more they recover is less to clean off the top… the media needs to focus on what hope and change the government is doing behind closed doors..

  3. As an engineer, I don't understand why the leaks have not been fixed. There must be at least a thousand engineers in this country that could have fixed all of the leaks by now. Probably a thousand officers in the Navy as well. Considering the size of this disaster, all solutions should have been implemented starting within the first week. Why not now? Tomorrow? BP's solutions, only involve what they can recover now for profit. I see no long term concern for the outcome of the spill. What does the public not know?

  4. Why if they can put a pipe inside a pipe cant they put one outside of the leaking pipe with a suction on it as it is attached over the existing broken pipe?

    This way oil and everything else can be sucked up to the waiting tankers.

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