Brazilian Indians Remain Hostage, Rancher Ignores Court Order

Guarani children in Brazil

This is a horrible and sad story.

A beleaguered Indian community in Brazil which has been cut off from the outside world by the rancher who has taken over their lands is still imprisoned, despite winning a recent court ruling.

The Guarani community of Ypo’i returned to their ancestral land in 2009, which had been taken over by a rancher called Firmino Escobar. Mr Escobar then blocked the road leading to the Indians’ community, and gunmen surrounded their houses, cutting off their access to water, food and healthcare.

A total WTF. Completely horrible — hard to believe what people do out of greed.

Hopefully things turn around soon.

Read more on Survival International: Rancher defies court order – Brazilian Indians still hostage

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Photo Credit: Xavier Donat via flickr (CC license)

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