Bikes Bring a Better Life, & Even Life Itself, In Africa

Bikes are great in cities and towns across the world — they are often the quickest way to get around; they are clean, green machines; they are good for our health in more ways than one; and they are cheap!

However, bikes can be a lot more than that to people in developing countries. Peter Suciu of Bike Radar writes:

In the United States and Western Europe cyclists use bikes to better their health and make their community a little greener, however, for those in the developing world, notably Africa, a bike can completely change a person’s life — in some cases it can save a life.

Four notable US non-profit organizations — including Kona’s Basic Needs Project, Hans Rey’s Wheels4Life, New York’s One Street and World Bicycle Relief — are working hard to bring bikes and bike centered livelihoods to people in the developing world.

Read more about what these great organizations are doing in Africa via Two Wheels To A Better Life In Africa.

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Photo Credit: ourcommon via flickr (CC license)

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