Bike Protesters in London Hold 1st Organized Protest


bicyclist protesters kings cross station

London cyclists brought traffic at King’s Cross station to a stop Monday evening to protest Transport for London’s less than satisfactory approach to bicyclist safety.

The group organizing the protest was Bikes Alive, and it was the organization’s first such event. The protest was organized due to the bicyclists’ frustration with the political system and its ineffectiveness in dealing with this important topic in an effective way.

“The hour long protest follows the death of 16 cyclists on London’s roads last year, including Min Joo Lee who died after being in collision with a truck at King’s Cross in October,” Cycling Weekly reports.

“Despite a TfL commissioned report urging for significant improvements to the road layout at King’s Cross in 2008, few changes have been made to what many cyclists see as a notoriously dangerous junction.”

Bikes Alive doesn’t envision yesterday’s protests as being a one-time thing (not unless the government responds quickly). As noted in rhetorical fashion on the organization’s blog: “What if we did this every week until there was a guarantee of the changes needed to make us safer?”

For 10 great pictures of the protest yesterday, check out The Guardian‘s post.

Bicyclists at King’s Cross Station via londoncyclist.

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