Send Big Oil a Message — Join World Carfree Day

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Join World Carfree Day

Of course, you know I am going to encourage you to join in on this wonderful holiday. To affirm that you will be showing up on September 22, you can make your way over to the World Carfree Day Facebook page (you will need to login to Facebook) and join the over 400 people who have quickly signed on and said they will be attending.

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You can also share the news about this great day on that page or just by sharing this webpage with your friends.

Join in the fun!

Why I Love Carfree Day

Carfree Day is one of my favorite holidays. Of course, it isn’t because it’s such a relief to not drive for one day — as you can probably guess by now, I don’t own a car and I hardly ever drive. It’s because, on this day, I get to see the happiness and energy spring forth in all the other people around me and around the world who decide to leave the car at home.

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I get to see people trying out and enjoying the cool things about transit. I get to see people enjoying the freedom and great fun of bicycling for transportation, like the lucky people in Amsterdam (1st picture below), Copenhagen (2nd picture below), and Groningen (above) do every day. I also get to see people enjoying the simple, meditative pleasure of walking (ever heard of that?), which is my mine mode of transport these days, and one that I genuinely love. In general, I get to see people enjoying and talking about all the great features of green transport.

For me, every day is carfree day. But on September 22, many more people join in on the official “Carfree Day” and I get to watch and enjoy their happiness.

amsterdam carfree day every day

copenhagen carfree day

More Carfree, Biking Revolution News

If you’re especially a fan of bicycling, you may also want to check out and join the Biking Revolution of Love and Freedom News page on Facebook. Those folks helped get the Join World Carfree Day page up and going (as you might be able to tell from the logos).

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Photo Credits: Zachary Shahan (me), tuppus via flickr, Baptiste Pons via flickr, and Negu. | Alberto Rey via flickr

5 thoughts on “Send Big Oil a Message — Join World Carfree Day”

  1. Hi, Zachary!
    Such a nice and light article!
    I liked that a lot! I really think people should ride bikes more often. Lucky you are if you have a chance to do that every day, but not only on Carfree Day! This is healthy, good for nature,comfortable and funny! Next time I will join that for sure! Thanks for good pics as well.

    Best wishes,

  2. I like when the ‘e’ is not only silent, but invisible.
    Cyclists are always high profle in the Austin area.
    Nice hearing of this on such a brave, patriotic day – tremendous!

  3. “and join the over 400 people who have quickly signed on and said they will be attending.”

    Fun to see how they will be attending from afar.

    This is a spin-off of my then 14-year old asking for a “ban the car”

  4. Love a good reason to ride my bike all day! I think this is a great way to raise awareness … and get people to try riding bike for commuting. It isn’t as hard as it looks from the car.

    @BrookeBF from @RecycleMatch

  5. At the risking of singing to the choir this is an important event to support. Having lived in the the Netherlands i can attest to the brilliant bike system they have there, with protected bike lanes and dedicated traffic lights for bikers. And what is important is for more people to take to the streets (both in protest and in transit) for bikes, especially in the United States.

    Organize a ride, challenge auto dominance of the streets, get some exercise and change the way people think about getting around.

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