Baltic Ice Seen from Space {Photo of the Day}

This beautiful image captures parts of the Baltic region still covered in snows and ice, thanks to the European Space Agency’ Envisat.

The image captures several different landmarks, with parts of the Gulf of Bothnia at the top, the Gulf of Finland middle right, and the Gulf of Riga bottom right.

Taken on the 19th of April, 2011, the ice visible in the image was as thick as 50-80 centimetres, in the northern part of the Bay of Bothnia, a bay located off Finland’s western coast. The central and southern Bay of Bothnia was reported as having ice as thick as 30-70 centimetres.

All in all, clockwise from bottom, are parts of Sweden, Finland (top right), Russia (top and centre left), Estonia and Latvia (bottom right), and the Swedish islands of Öland and Gotland are visible at the bottom.

Source: European Space Agency

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