Baby Chimp Feeds Tiger Cub (+ Top Animal Stories & Videos)

OK, this video of a baby chimp feeding a tiger cub is too cute. Check it out and hear the cute story of how this care-taking came about:

Baby Chimp Feeds Baby Tiger

Here are some more cute, amazing, shocking, or informative animal stories of the week:

Nature-like documentary on NYC’s Bodega Cats

Pro Diver Kisses Shark & Gets Bitten

Shih Tzu Conquers Stairs

Animal Cruelty

  1. Famed Astrophysicist In PETA Ad: ‘Maybe Humans Aren’t As Good As We Should Be
  2. Farm Sanctuary’s 35 City Walk Hopes to Raise Over $1 Million for Abused Animals
  3. Last Call (At Last) for Ukraine’s Vodka-Drinking Bears
  4. Cruelty to farm animals should come as no surprise
  5. Say “No” to Puppies Sold in Pet Stores and on the Internet
  6. Jockeys breach whipping rules more than 450 times in just six months
  7. Russia’s Olympic Bear Caged With Retired Circus Animals In Rusty Bus
  8. Man Pleads Guilty To Smuggling 55 Turtles In Snack Food Boxes
  9. Witness Says Trainer Severely Beat, ‘Body Slammed’ Dog
  10. Don’t Shop for a Pet… Adopt One!


  1. Scientists Find 20-Million-Year-Old Ape Skull
  2. Glow-In-The-Dark Beagle Created By Scientists
  3. New Software Developed to Recognize Monkey Faces


  1. Invisible Sharks?!
  2. This Shark Week – Save a Shark
  3. Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter Sparks International 
  4. Demon Fish Dissects Sharks’ History, Future, and “The Greatest Scam of All Time” (Book Review)


  1. Critically Endangered Western Gray Whales Found at Laguna San Ignacio
  2. Pierce Brosnan: Iceland Won’t Stop Whaling Until We Impose Sanctions


  1. Wayward Penguin Waddles Into The Hearts Of Thousands Of Fans
  2. Cull of 30,000 pet dogs ordered after deadly rabies outbreak in Chinese city
  3. Alaska Bear Attack: Myth-Busting Mainstream Media Inaccuracies
  4. The Sustainable Seafood Myth
  5. Suffering Dairy Cows in NY Heat Wave Are Too Hot to Produce Milk
  6. Astonish Me: a short film about the world’s most extraordinary species — video below

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