Ax Men Reality TV Show Busted For Logging Without Permit

Around $10,000-worth of timber was confiscated from a lumber company after their illegal activities were exposed on their very own reality TV show on the History Channel.


Before we get into the details, let this sink in for a second: there’s a reality TV show that documents people competing to cut down trees. We’ve all seen some horrible television, but how on earth is this considered entertainment? Apparently 2 million people think so.

Anyway, moving on… workers with S&S Aqua Logging proudly pulled over two dozen fallen trees from the Hoquiam River without a proper permit. Officials with the Washington Department of Natural Resources happened to tune in and notice the illegal activity.

The state’s Fish and Wildlife Department Programs director explained that the logs in the river are important in keeping a functioning, balanced ecosystem, which is why any removal requires a permit.


[Via AP]

2 thoughts on “Ax Men Reality TV Show Busted For Logging Without Permit”

  1. Cut more trees Big trees. I love the sound of a chainsaw cutting a big tree for houses or fencing . Fire wood . Ya burn baby burn

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