Are You a Planetsaver? Take This Quiz

This quick and painless 15 question quiz will shine an LED light on your environmental personality. Do you think you are a Planetsaver? Find out below.

1. Cycle:
a.motor c.water

2. Take:
a.more b.a seat c.action

3. Vehicle:
a.SUV b.C-A-R c.B-U-S

4. Media:

5. Bikes:
a.for kids b.for exercise c.for most trips

6. Water
a.bottle b.tap c.rain

7. Veggies:
a.yuck! c.grow

8. Dandelions:
a.spray b.pick

9. Fuel:
a.unleaded b.biodiesel c.SVO

10. Process:
a.quantity b.quality c.Quaker

11. $$$:
a.borrow b.spend

12. Carbon footprint:
a.elephant c.bird

13. Computer:
a.leave on b.hibernate c.shut down

14. Animal home:
a.birdhouse b.bathouse c.beehive

15. Energy:
a.coal b.natural gas

For every question except questions # 2 and 14 give yourself 5 points for a. 3 for b. and 1 for c.
For question #2 give yourself 5 points for a. and b. and 1 point for c.
For question #14 give yourself 3 points for a. and 1 for b. and c.

Score (less is more!):
Consider yourself a PlanetSaver if your score is in the range of 15 to 24.
Consider yourself a PlanetPaver if your score is in the range of 25 to 59.
Consider yourself a PlanetGraver (give me some liberty here, it rhymes and you get the picture) if your score is in the range of 60 to 73.

image credit: Wikimedia Commons under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5 License

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