Arcadia Power Makes Green Energy Easy For All

As awareness increases on the importance of long-term environmental sustainability and reducing the contributors to climate change, more people are asking how they can control changes which lead to a healthier environment.

One area many people happen to be passionate about concerns using renewable energy whenever possible. Guaranteeing you run your home or apartment only on clean energy may once have seemed like a difficult and expensive goal to achieve, and you had to be fortunate enough to have your own solar panels or wind generators.

But that is all changing today now that Arcadia Power is offering a free web-based solution for not only reducing your energy impact, but ensuring your electricity comes only from renewable sources.

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Clean energy made easy

Arcadia Power makes choosing clean energy at home easier than ever. It takes just three easy minutes for creating an account. Best of all, getting started is completely free.

Once your Arcadia Power service starts, the company monitors your monthly electricity usage through whatever local utility you use. Then comes the magic:

“For each kilowatt-hour (kWh) you use, we match it with a kWh produced by a wind farm. This is tracked by purchasing and retiring Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates on your behalf.”

You will receive one easy bill from Arcadia Power and can track your impact and energy usage in Arcadia’s easy-to-understand customer dashboard.

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Managing your green footprint

On your personalized energy dashboard users can view their energy usage track and cumulative impact. They can even see which wind farms they happen to be supporting. Arcadia Power receives the customer’s local utility bill and in return sends one bill combining your local utility charges with your Arcadia Power Wind Energy RECs.

RECs are also known as Green tags, Renewable Energy Credits, Renewable Electricity Certificates, or Tradable Renewable Certificates (TRCs). They are tradable, non-tangible energy commodities in the United States that represent proof that 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity was generated from an eligible renewable energy resource and was fed into the shared system of power lines which transport energy.

Are you ready to make your home’s electricity greener? You can sign up free right here.

This article has been sponsored by Arcadia Power; images via Arcadia Power

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  1. I received a letter from Arcadia to buy wind power. I was interested, but when I investigated the up charge was more than I was willing to pay. Then several months later on Daily KOS news there was a piece stating that Arcadia power was now offering a plan for renewable power credits with no up charge. I investigated and my supplier was not listed, a number was given to phone if your supplier was not listed. I was told my utility was not part of program. Marshall Municipal Utility would be interested in participating. Why can’t MMU be a part of this good program?

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