This App Could Revolutionize Public Transit

translocappFor bus and train commuters, there’s a new app that aims to make your experience even easier and less stressful, with realtime tracking of public transit, as well as arrival predictions and proximity alerts.

Getting around the city with public transit can be fraught with issues, from wondering just where in the heck your bus or train is (and when it will get to your stop), to finding the best route and nearest transit stop, but this transit-tracking app can ease those issues.

TransLōc, which is a free rider-focused app designed for iOS7, can track buses and trains in realtime, so riders know when theirs is due to arrive, and custom alerts can be set to notify users when their ride is nearby. The app also features an instantly searchable database of all routes and stops within a 25 mile radius, and its location-aware feature automatically displays nearby stops, routes, and arrival times.

“Over half of Americans now own a smartphone, and they’re using it for a lot more than talking Mobile access is the key to better communication with riders and increasing rider satisfaction.” – Curt Pasfield, TransLōc Product Manager

With the TransLōc Rider app you can:

  • Watch buses and trains move in real time
  • Set alerts that tell you when your favorite bus is approaching
  • See the location and heading of any bus in your vicinity
  • Watch all the buses moving on a specific route
  • Check the arrival predictions for all buses approaching a specific stop
  • Use SmartSearch to quickly locate specific routes and stops

The app is available for many locations, but if your municipality isn’t listed yet, you can request that your transit authority join, as well as send local officials a link to the TransLōc Demo request page.

[Image: TransLōc]

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