Animal Cruelty Continues, 2 Men Watch Their Dogs Maul Cat to Death

Truly, it is hard to understand the insensitivity, lack of compassion, and utter cruelty that allow or stimulate such human actions. How can we even call ourselves intelligent beings? Here’s a full repost from the League Against Cruel Sports on a horrible incident in the UK and commentary on what actually goes on without our notice or care too, too often:

A horrific incident of animal cruelty has been reported in the Daily Mail in which two men can be seen allowing their dogs to maul to death an elderly cat. The incident was recorded by CCTV cameras and police are investigating.

Unfortunately this is not an isolated case of animal cruelty. The RSPCA report that 205 animals were shot in 2010 (undoubtedly a conservative figure with many cases unreported), and a staggering 10,610 cats were abandoned.

It seems to me that this complete disregard for the welfare of animals is not only confined to our domestic pets but also our wildlife and unfortunately this is even more hidden. With no concerned owners wondering where our furry friends have gone, thousands of wild animals are subjected to the most horrendous acts of cruelty and most people are simply unaware of what is really happening.

Watching the video of the men committing this horrible act reminded me of a very similar video of men digging out a badger which is then thrown across a field and savaged by dogs, the only difference being the species and the setting.

Whether it’s dogs attacking cats, dogs attacking dogs, dogs attacking badgers or dogs attacking foxes, when are we going to realise that our companion pets are not weapons to be used for our human enjoyment?

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Read the article from the Mail (warning: the video contains scenes which many will find upsetting)

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