Activists Prepare to Document the Killing as Seal Hunt Begins

Humane Society Canada has sent a representative to the Gulf of St. Lawrence to document and broadcast the commercial killing of over 300,000 young seals beginning today.

Rebecca Aldworth, who has attended the seal hunt for 11 years in a row, has arrived in the area. She will photograph the scene and send live updates through the Humane Society website and via Twitter (@humanesociety or #sealhunt09).

So far no seals have been killed, but it’s only a matter of time. The first seal has been killed, according to Aldworth who captured this photo on the ice. Today is officially the start to the season and the hunters are out in full force.

“The ice floes, so pristine and beautiful before the killing begins, will be awash in blood,” Aldworth wrote on the HSUS website. “It will be almost unbearable to be there.”

So far, it seems that Aldworth and the team accompanying her are the only activists at the scene. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society expressed remorse that they could not attend this year; the Canadian government confiscated their ship during last year’s hunt.

The hunt continues this year, with an larger quota than last year, regardless international protest and an impending ban on seal products from the European Union, a previously reliable importer of seal furs for the fashion industry.

2 thoughts on “Activists Prepare to Document the Killing as Seal Hunt Begins”

  1. Killing seals to reduce their numbers in an attempt to protect other threatened habitats, fish consumption, etc is one thing… killing baby seals is another.

    I’m against fur, but when it comes to this “necessary” massacre, I’d rather see the natives make money off any salvagable goods then see the seals be discarded like nothing better than toilet paper.

  2. Are people still wearing these babies pelts? This is horrible, shame on fur wearing bastards. This must be stopped, open season on fur wearers and seal hunters!

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