ABC Nails BP for Having 760 "Egregious, Willful" Safety Violations, Daily Show Catches CEO Tony Hayward Lying on TV [VIDEO]

ABC and Jon Stewart of the Daily Show tear into BP for a ridiculous amount of serious safety violations and for lying on TV about them. Watch the video below.


ABC News nails BP in an interview with CEO Tony Hayward, showing that BP had 760 “egregious and willful” safety violations in the past 3-4 years (prior to the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf). Furthermore, this was compared to Sunoco having 8, ConocoPhillips having 8, Citgo having 2, and Exxon having 1!

Tony Hayward’s response: “Much of that record relates to a prior period,.. and, our absolute focus over the last three or four years has been on safe and reliable operations.”

Jon Stewart nails Hayward for straight-up lying in this statement, since it was exactly that time period the figures were referring to.

And, of course, it is pretty sad if this is how well BP does while putting an “absolute focus” on safe and reliable operations.

Watch this segment of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart here:


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