10 More Cool Bike Stories [& VIDEOS]

Last Friday, I posted 10 cool bike stories I had collected over the last couple months. I actually had more than those 10 in my queue and I’ve picked up a few more since then, so I’ve decided to post 10 more cool bike stories here for your reading pleasure.


1. The Beauty of Bikeshare

Andy Clarke, President of the League of American Bicyclists (LAB), shares photos, a video and reflections from the launch of the Capital Bikeshare program in D.C.

2. Video — New female cyclists in NYC

Darren Flusche of the LAB shares a couple of great videos of new women cyclists in NYC and new bicyclists.

3. Bicycle Friendly Communities Announced

The LAB announced the 18 newest Bicycle Friendly Community award winners.

4. I Love My Bicycle

An interview with Joe Stakun, maker of a documentary about the FBM Bike Company — “I Love My Bicycle.”

5. Bike Chic: Cycling Gets Stylish [slideshow]

“Cycling used to be associated with brightly colored, skin tight gear that was more about function than fashion. While more traditional bike gear still has its place, riding bikes is making its way into the mainstream and more and more stylish options are popping up.”

6. Urban Cycling Etiquette

“In order for everyone to make their trips safely, I think there are a few key bits of etiquette that would make all of the difference. I’m basing this on cycling laws here in Atlanta. From what I’ve read, they’re quite similar in other cities. If your town is different, I’d love to hear about it in the comments!…”

7. Carbon Trust: Don’t Ride a Bicycle (maybe file this under “Not Cool Bike News”)

Ridiculous recommendations and communications by a leading(?) climate change organization.

8. New Report: Climate Change and Bicycling

“The Advocacy Advance Team, a partnership between the League and the Alliance for Biking & Walking, has released a new report on how bicycling advocates can work with state, city, and university officials to strengthen bicycling-promotion language in Climate Action Plans”

9. Moving Truck Rental Not Required – Bikes to the Rescue

“Inspired by this video of a Portland, OR bike move, Nicholas Whitaker decided to help his girlfriend, Jes Schultz move her apartment by bike. Taking only two trips and about three hours, they successfully relocated her 1 bedroom apartment including futon, dresser and numerous odds and ends. This was all done using nothing more than bikes (including one with a trailer), a pedal rickshaw and man- and woman-power!” Watch the video of this NYC move via the link above.

10. Pedals

“After relying on public transportation for the past three years I finally found my answer to getting from place to place. I was inspired to get a bicycle.”

Photo Credit: Bern@t via flickr/CC license

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