Desert (10 Friday Photos)


Enjoy 10 beautiful photos of the desert.

A lot of people think that the desert is only sand and heat. If that was true, the desert would definitely be a very boring place. The thing is to see how powerful and beautiful deserts actually are. They have survived huge periods of time and deserve a little positive attention as well.

Painted Desert, Arizona, United States

desert picture 2
Photo Credit: Wolfgang Staudt via flickr

White Desert, Egypt

desert picture 3
Photo Credit: ainet via flickr

Sonoran Desert, Arizona, United States

desert picture 4
Photo Credit: sieren via flickr

Sonoran Desert, Arizona, United States

desert picture 5
Photo Credit: ScenicSW via flickr

The Judean Desert, Isreal

desert picture 6
Photo Credit: justavessel via flickr

Australian Desert, Australia

desert picture 7
Photo Credit: pletten via flickr

Cholistan Desert, Pakistan

desert piture 8
Photo Credit: sarfrazh via flickr

Riyadh Desert, Riaydh, Saudi Arabia

desert picture 9
Photo Credit: grappalover via flickr

Sahara, Africa

desert picture 10
Photo Credit: flashgordon via flickr

I hope you like the pictures. Maybe you have some more? Comment and share below!

Top Photo Credit: Hamed Saber via flickr

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