Year of the Tiger? King of the Jungle Faces Extinction; Help Save this Critically Endangered Species Globally

The world’s tiger population is 90% lower than in 1900, and yet it is the year of the tiger? What can you do?


Since the start of the last century, the Earth’s tiger population has decreased ninety percent. I am writing this post thinking of how it is now the traditional year of the tiger in the Chinese New Year calander. Sadly, the South China tiger is “functionally extinct”. While hunting was banned in 1979, that was at a time when less than a hundred South China tigers remained in the wild. Other sub-species of tigers have gone extinct in the last century as well.

“For more than a million years, this ‘King of the Jungle’ reigned over a vast territory stretching from Turkey to Russia. Today, sadly, their habitat is disappearing — tigers occupy just seven percent of their historic range. Moreover, three sub-species of tigers — Bali, Javan and Caspian — have gone extinct in the past 70 years; a fourth one, the South China tiger, has not been seen in the wild in a quarter of a century.”

World Wildlife Fund correspondents emailed today stating that “Today’s generations will never know the magnificence of these big cats.

World Wildlife Fund is leading action efforts globally to preserve tigers worldwide. With as few as 3,200 tigers remaining in the wild, there is much to be done.

In such dire circumstances, we all should take the chance to preserve one of the most amazing species on earth! World Wildlife Fund is offering gifts for your participation, donations, and new awareness on these wild animal issues, so get involved today!

The tiger population has decreased by about 95 percent since 1900 and its range has decreased by 93 percent. I agree with WWF when they state that “if we don’t respond to the plight of wild tigers–and the needs of the people who share their home with tigers–we will witness the loss of one of the world’s most irreplaceable natural wonders of our lifetime.

Image Credit: World Wildlife Fund

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  1. Hi Lucille

    Are you a paid employee of WWF?

    If not, why don’t you mention the #1 organization dedicated to saving the South China Tiger (and the ONLY organization actually getting results)???

    The only South China Tigers surviving in the wild are in South Africa, thanks to the dedication and sacrifice of SCT! Now SCT is working to create a natural reserve in China, so that the tigers can be returned to their homeland.

    Best regards,

    Tiger Lover

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