Worst Corporation of the Year? (Corporate Hall of Shame Voting)

Corporate Accountability International is hosting its annual Corporate Hall of Shame “awards.” Good list of candidates to choose from. Make your way over to the Corporate Hall of Shame Voting Booth to vote. Here’s a preview of the corporations in the running this year:

2011 corporate hall of shame

  • BP “for continuing to refuse responsibility for the worst environmental catastrophe in U.S. history even as Gulf communities and the environment continue to suffer the fallout.”
  • GE for not paying taxes in the U.S. by exploiting tax loopholes (don’t worry, many companies on here do that) and “sheltering money overseas” despite making $5 billion in revenue in 2010 alone.
  • Nestle “for undermining the human right to water and aggresively expanding water bottling operations over the objections of communities globally.”
  • McDonald’s (check out the link above, if you can’t guess)
  • Goldman Sachs (check out the link above, if you haven’t heard of the economic crisis we’re in, who caused it, and who’s getting richer than ever on the backs of taxpayers)
  • Merck (check out the link above)
  • Koch Industries “for spending over $50 million to fund climate change denial and influence the Supreme Court’s decision to allow unlimited corporate dollars to flow into federal elections.”
  • Halliburton (check out the link above)
  • or there’s a “write-in” option

I’m inclined to think that BP or Goldman Sachs will win, but I’ve actually voted for Koch. While BP is pretty horrible (and the others, too), I think Koch Industries is doing the most to prevent us from addressing global climate change, which is critical for the future of our species (and many others’).

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