Winter Bicycling in… Greenland!


greenland bicycling
Cargo bike & biker in Greenland in -10 C. Photo Credit: Theis (click to enlarge)

Over on the wonderful, leading bicycle site Copenhagenize, Mikael Colville-Andersen shared some pretty superb pictures of and comments on bicycling in Greenland and other northern countries last month. This one above is just so beautiful to me.

Here’s more from Copenhagenize:

Greenland is an area we haven’t covered much here on Copenhagenize. We’ve noticed that many Danish online bike shops are keen to point out that they send to Greenland. Being a part of the Danish Kingdom, it’s no surprise that bicycles play a role in Greenland. Seeing an iconic Christiania Bike ‘up there’ is just extra cool.

So we were wondering here at the office. Could this be the world’s most northerly cargo bike? The coordinates for Nanotalik are 60°08′31″N – 45°14′36″W. It probably isn’t, as Nanotalik (meaning ‘Place of the Polar Bears’ in Kalaallisut) is on the southern tip of Greenland, which means cargo bikes in Uppsala, Sweden, just north of Stockholm are farther north. Not to mention other Swedish, Icelandic and Norwegian towns.

We started looking around for photos from other Greenlandic towns. We found some kids riding regular bikes in Qasigiannguit, a third of the way up the west coast of Greenland – scroll down on this website to see them.

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  1. hi zack- your you tube link is broken! I really wanted to see this video- squids are simultaneously awesome and terrifying!

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