Officials in Pickle Over Deer With Head Stuck in Jar

Wildlife officals in Parma, Ohio can’t decide how to deal with a young deer who managed to get a plastic jar stuck on its head while trying to lick the remaining food out from the bottom.


It’s not the first time this has happened; a buck got himself into a similar situation a couple months ago in the same area. He managed to get the jar off himself, but authorities are keeping an eye on the newly jarred deer to make sure she has the same success.

“There is a certain amount of capture mortality, with deer very intolerant of the stress involved,” Wildlife management supervisor Dan Kramer. “We don’t want to bring drugs into play unless the deer or the public are in danger.”

Deer prefer to live in “edge” habitats, whether natural or man-made, so they can forage for food and then also seek shelter inside a forested area. Of course, human development is not the safest habitat for deer as they’re often hit by cars.

Photo Courtesy of the City of Parma, Ohio and Jack Marschall.

2 thoughts on “Officials in Pickle Over Deer With Head Stuck in Jar”

  1. Let’s see…while the deer is stuck in the jar it can’t eat or drink…wonder if it’s in danger????

    What am I missing?

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