Wild Weather — Oklahoma in Severe Drought Now & Virginia Downpour "Off the Charts"

Aside from the Northeast’s unprecedented hurricane/tropical storm, Irene, as well as the record-setting, unprecedented drought, heat, and fires in Texas and the wildfires in Arizona, many more regions have been getting slammed with extreme, wild weather and natural disasters recently. Two more examples are Oklahoma and Virginia.

Oklahoma Drought

“As drought struck Oklahoma this summer, Gov. Mary Fallin (R-OK) told Oklahomans to pray for rain, instead of acting to fight climate pollution or strengthen climate resilience. Two months after Fallin called for statewide prayer, Oklahoma’s drought is now worse,”  Think Progress reports. “[Last] week, 100 percent of the state [was] in severe drought, with over two-thirds of the state in exceptional drought, caused in part by the global warming pollution she denies is a threat.”

oklahoma drought 2011

Virginia Downpour Off the Charts, More than a 1,000-year Weather Event

As part of a broader post on extreme weatherCapital Weather Gang Chief Meteorologist Jason Samenow wrote:

“On Thursday, September 8, Ft. Belvoir received an astounding 7.03” of rain in three hours. According to the National Weather Service (NWS), that amount of rain in that amount of time was an ‘off the charts above a 1000-year rainfall (based on precip frequency from Quantico).'”

Warning: make no connections between these extreme weather events and global warming or climate change:

Better to be “conservative” and not believe what scientists are telling us until it’s too late, eh?


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