While Bushmen Not Allowed to Access Water, Botswana Approves $3 Billion Mine

Survival International Activist Boycotting Botswana Diamonds at De Beers in London

Truly, how can anyone deem this fair or humane. As Bushmen are not allowed to access water in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve, and are appealing for this right, the Botswana government has just approved a $3 billion diamond mine there. Sound fair to you?

Here’s a response by anonymous Kalahari Bushmen:

Why does the government choose to issue the mining licence today, while our appeal for water is underway? It seems like this is their answer to our case. They are saying to us that even if we win our case and get water, the diamond mine will go ahead.

This is final proof that the government’s argument that they don’t want us to live in the CKGR to protect the wildlife is a lie. Who do they think will damage the wildlife? The people who have lived there for thousands of years, or a $3billion mine with roads, power lines, thousands of tons of waste and hundreds of people going to and fro?

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Activists Boycotting Botswana Diamonds at de Beers in London

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