Weather Underground Utilizes Massive Network of Neighbourhood Weather Stations

The commercial weather service Weather Underground was launched back in 1995 and has for the longest time used information from the US National Weather Service (NWS). However, Weather Underground has now launched the use of new and proprietary forecast model that they have dubbed BestForecast.

“We identified the need for more granular weather data back in 2001 when we set up our personal weather station network,” said Alan Steremberg, President and co-founder of Weather Underground. “We wanted to provide weather data from people’s actual neighborhood, not from the closest airport where the majority of government stations are located. The launch of BestForecast is the final piece of the puzzle as we’re now ingesting all of this local weather data to generate the most reliable and localized forecasts available.”

The Weather Underground BestForecast system gathers data from more than 22,000 personal weather stations that are located across the US in the backyards of many weather enthusiasts. BestForecast has been providing international forecasts on the website for several years now, and after rigorous testing Weather Underground now believe that their new system is – in some areas – going to provide better results than the NWS.

Users can easily swap from BestForecast to NWS predictions on the website, gauging for themselves which dataset provides the most reliable data for their own location.

“We have always aimed to provide web users with the most comprehensive weather data in as few clicks as possible,” continued Steremberg. “The ability to check two forecasts in one visit exemplifies this goal and will ensure that remains the one stop shop for all the weather data anyone could want.”

Source: Weather Underground
Image Source: NASA Goddard

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