Vigilante NYC Bicyclist Gets Ticket for Not Riding in Bike Lane, Then ALWAYS Rides in Bike Lane {Awesome Video}

nyc bicyclist ticket

This is totally awesome. The ridiculousness of this guy getting a ticket for not riding in the bike lane is made obvious when he decides to then ALWAYS ride in the bike lane, film it, and show the world who should really be getting the tickets.

Of course, this brings up a number of issues, most of which I’ve discussed numerous times on here:

  1. There is a double standard on the roadway for cars and bicyclists. While bicyclists get non-justifiable tickets for things like not riding in the bike lane, drivers don’t get tickets for driving or parking in bike lanes…. Fair?
  2. The police, far too often, criminalize bicyclists for things that aren’t even against the law, and for things bicyclists do out of pure safety concerns because of the inadequacy of our transportation infrastructure.
  3. Rather than try to make our roads safer, too many cops just give out ridiculous tickets to meet their quota (an issue of particular concern when it comes to NYC bicyclists, from what I’ve read).
  4. Bicyclists are too often treated like 2nd-class road users, as is evident by the myriad obstacles that are placed in bicyclists’ dedicated, already-too-narrow lanes.

Things are changing, especially in New York City, but we’ve still got a long way to go in the U.S. It is nothing like the bicycle paradise of Groningen that I recently wrote about.

And, as this video teaches us, check the law before paying a ticket (to make sure that you actually broke it)….

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