Video Games to Tackle Global Warming


We’ve written about Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project several times now. And you can still host a Climate Reality presentation in your town (we encourage that). But Gore and the team have been looking to expand their reach even further by getting into video games. Gore’s already tackled film, concerts, and books — why not video games as well?

Here are Gore and others talking a bit more about all of this (via PSFK’s vimeo page):

PSFK recently “challenged its readership to come up with concepts that address issues put forth by Former Vice President Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project,” the company reports. “Participants in the challenge were encouraged to leverage trends identified in PSFK’s Future of Gaming report to create potential solutions to these problems. PSFK received over 60 entries from around the world and chose ten finalists whose presentations formed the basis for our recent Gaming For Good event, held at Soho House New York.”

Games came in all stripes and sizes, and, of course, some were innovations of previously popular games (like Oregon Trail) but with a climate focus.

Adding on to what was presented in the video above, Zachary Rybarczyk of Think Progress writes:

RealiTree, developed by Stark Design of New York, created an interactive, virtual tree that reflects the health of the surrounding environment based on real-time data feeds. “It’s really like a gigantic Tomagotchi game that … thousands of people can play to keep this tree alive and well” described its creator, Daniel Stark.

Another wildly popular classic, The Oregon Trail, was the basis of Climate Trail, a text-based game in which players must follow a money trail to discover “the ultimate destination … to come to the truth about climate change and promote awareness.”

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