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Long before US climate activists were getting arrested in front of the White House for a little civil disobedience, UK climate activists were chaining themselves to airplanes and climbing large coal power plants in the UKĀ (or just planning to before getting busted by undercover spies, in some situations). I have thought for awhile now that UK climate activism has been seriously out-doing our US climate activism. But a lot of changes are in the works, and discussions of new directions. Here’s a note from leading UK climate activist group Climate Camp on an important meeting coming up this weekend (following the photo):

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New Directions: Part 2
3-4 September, Grow Heathrow

**If you’d like to attend, please emailĀ [email protected]**

**We are in urgent need of cooks/kitchen co-ordinators! If you areĀ interested in helping out in the kitchen on either or both days, pleaseĀ emailĀ [email protected]**

At the Common Ground meeting in June, and the New Directions meeting inĀ July, a group of people have been continuing the work of re-imaginingĀ radical climate action that was started at Space for Change in January.Ā It’s not the only thing we’ve been doing this year, but we’re making someĀ progress!

At the last meeting (New Directions) we agreed to be a group, and weĀ agreed some working drafts outlining our common ground on the issues of:

  • Climate
  • ā€œRadical lobbying?ā€& Ā ā€œDemandsā€
  • Anti-capitalism

We also came up with action proposals, some of which are now underwayĀ (more details soon).

The next step is to make some decisions about how this group willĀ organise. We agreed that at the next meeting we would:

  • Decide on our name!
  • Address questions of openness, anti-hierarchy, working practices,Ā national/regional
  • Continue with action planning
  • Agree on how we communicate things externally

We also hope to properly discuss how we fit in with the wider climate andĀ other movements, how to keep a radical perspective, and more.

New Directions: Part 2 will take place on 3 and 4 September at GrowĀ Heathrow. Crash spaceĀ will be available fri/sat/sun and food provided on sat and sun. Let usĀ know if you’re coming by emailingĀ [email protected].

As with the previous meetings, this meeting is for people who haveĀ previously been involved in organising the Camp for Climate Action, orĀ other radical grassroots climate action, and feel positive about workingĀ together. If you didnā€™t make it to Common Ground or New Directions, youā€™reĀ still very welcome to attend, though bear in mind it’ll be building on theĀ discussions that have already taken place — ie. weā€™ll be picking up whereĀ we left off! If you missed these two previous meetings but would like toĀ come along, please send an email toĀ [email protected]Ā soĀ we can help you get up to speed.

NB. As before, we feel itā€™s important to stress this is not a meeting toĀ ā€˜get involvedā€™. We are keen to bring new people in, but this oneā€™s forĀ those with the above experience who have time and energy to develop newĀ directions on the basis of our common ground.

A group formed at New Directions Part 1 to arrange agenda and facilitationĀ for Part 2. They’ll send an outline agenda ahead of the meeting to thoseĀ who’ve said they’re coming.

Let us know you’re coming by emailingĀ [email protected].


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