"U.S. Chamber of Commerce Doesn't Speak for Me" Campaign Growing Fast


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Doesn’t Speak for Me campaign was launched just a few weeks ago. But it has struck a nerve with numerous people and business owners around the nation and has been growing fast. (Plus, it’s connected to a pretty major, highly-supported organization, 350.org.)

There are currently over 6,000 businesses signed on to the campaign and 32 local chambers of commerce. Tens of thousands of people have shown their support for the effort. And as is indicated in this dancing video I discussed recently, once you start getting that kind of growth and momentum, the masses can not only notice you but feel comfortable joining in. I imagine the growth is only going to continue at this rate in the coming weeks and months.

How People Are Getting Involved

As the campaign encourages, many people are getting involved locally. 350.org wrote in an email this week:

This week, many of the business owners involved in the campaign will write Letters to the Editors in their local papers that expose the chamber as a corporate front group. Going forward, folks like you are getting local by going door-to-door to businesses in their community, introducing the campaign, educating about the basics of the U.S. Chamber, and getting more business owners signed on to our declaration.

Monday Mass Mobilization

As I covered yesterday, in combination with the Power Shift 2011 conference on Monday, April 18th, thousands if not tens of thousands of college activists are expected to “take to the streets outside of the headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to help us really underscore the connections between money, politics and climate legislation.”

Of course, if you’re in the area, you can join in.

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