Two Tornadoes Touch Down in New York City

The wacky weather continues no matter where you live, apparently, with New York City residents baffled by the arrival of two tornadoes on Saturday, the first touching down near Breezy Point, a Queens neighbourhood, and the second in Brooklyn.

Saturday was a day of severe weather across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic as a powerful cold ront brought heavy rain and heavy winds to the region.

A waterspout with winds averaging up to 70 miles per hour spun onshore, eventually turning into the tornado that swung in towards Breezy Point, said officials.

The amateur video above was captured by a CNN stringer shows the tornao touching down in Queens at approximately 11 am on Saturday.

The second tornado touched down in Brooklyn at approximately 11:30 am and travelled about half a mile through Canarsie, around about 9 miles north of the Breezy Point tornado.

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