[VIDEO] Evidence of "Oil Rain" Begins to Surface

Today Zach posted an overview of the potential for widespread toxic rain as a result of the Gulf disaster. But now, Drudge has just posted what appears to be video evidence of oil-infused rain dropping in Louisiana.


Note: the YT poster’s other videos are slightly less than mainstream, so judge this video for yourself.

But either way, once hurricane season gets into full swing, we’ll know how bad “oil-related” rain could be for the south and the eastern seaboard. One source keeping consistent track on the weather details is local Pensacola new media pro Chris Baskind. Let us know in the comments if you have a favorite on-the-scene source for constant updates, or check out more updates on Ecolocalizer.


As always, you should make your own decisions about any speculation about potential side effects of the disaster. But we believe it’s always better to be informed of the potential than to be caught by surprise.

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