Total Shocker! Trillions of Dollars Put on Unique Idea that Climate Change Prevention is Cheaper than Cleaning up the Aftermath

trillions put on climate change clean energy action

Who could have conceived of this brilliant thought(!) — spending now to switch over to clean energy (i.e. wind and solar) that is already cost-competitive with fossil fuels (i.e. coal, oil, and natural gas) is much cheaper than waiting for climate change to break our back and then going in to have life-saving surgery (if we can even survive).

Have you ever heard of such an idea?! Investors with $20 trillion in assets just took time out of their schedules to write that and urge world-leading policy-makers to put climate change policies into place.

But, seriously, these guys are geniuses, aren’t they? I mean, how could anyone even make that basic calculation that billions of dollars in clean energy investment worldwide is less than trillions of dollars in damage from hurricanes, flooding, drought, famine, disease, and excruciating death.

I think these investors should win a a Nobel prize or something.

Individuals concerned about freedom, national security, the price of food, the ability to go outside and not catch on fire, should really thank them and send them letter upon letter of gratitude for coming to this unheard of proposal. Maybe a major news organization, like FOX News or Rupert Murdoch’s whole media empire, could collect such letters and share them with the world so that we can all bask in the gratitude of this ingenious foresight.

All I know is that without these rich-as-s*** people telling us the obvious we never would have figured it out. I mean, no scientist studying the climate has ever even mentioned that action now would be cheaper than getting our house blown over and flooded and then cleaning up the mess just before the next natural disaster hits.

I think the only two things that could be better for waking us up to the tremendous costs of inaction would be:

  1. a movie explaining all the factors to us (but that would have to assume scientists had done decades or even centuries worth of research on climate science first) or
  2. a worldwide report on climate change by the world’s leading scientists on the matter (but, of course, that would require that such scientists exist, and, as far as I know, they don’t).

Well, I’m sure it will be no time before governments enact smart climate change and clean energy policy, since the math is deadly clear (sorry for the pun) and only an idiot or a scum-ball would ignore the obvious path we should take and not take action to stop climate change and its horrendous effects.

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