Top Occupy Wall Street Videos (Dylan Ratigan, Elizabeth Warren, & More)

I’ve decided to create a post of the top Occupy Wall Street (or OWS-related) videos I’ve seen so far. Will update this page as time goes on and I run across more that I think should really be highlighted as often as possible. Please drop links in the comments below. So far, these are my 6 favorites.

(Note: For the most part, I’m not highlighting videos of the protests or police brutality in this post. Rather, I’m highlighting videos about why OWS is happening.)

Dylan Rattigan Losing It (i.e. telling it like it is)

Why Occupy Wall Street? 4 Reasons

Elizabeth Warren Losing It (i.e. telling it like it is)

Hypocrisy of Our Leaders

Congressman & Former Economist, Alan Grayson, Explains OWS

Sergeant Shamar Thomas on Occupy Wall Street

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