Top Green Living Stories

Some top green living stories of the last few days:

Dutch Wedding Chariot


  1. Pedal power at open-air cycle-in cinemas
  2. A Dutch Wedding Chariot
  3. Copenhagen Daycare Parking
  4. Election Campaigning by Bicycle


  1. Monsanto RoundUp Detected in Water Samples
  2. City Hall Gets Behind Urban Agriculture in Flint, Michigan
  3. As Roundup Causes Health Problems Around the World, U.S. Researchers Find Glyphosate in Air & Water
  4. Connecting Communities Through Food
  5. How To Save Your Own Seeds – Melons And Cucumbers
  6. Meet the Canning Queen of New York
  7. Whole Foods to Thrive (and two vegan recipes!)


  1. Two Wind Farms Get NZ Closer to 90% Green
  2. Low Cost Solar Power Gets $145 Million Boost from SunShot Initiative
  3. Electric Cars are Magic! Mitsubishi MiEV is Also a Mobile BBQ
  4. Scooter News: Green Lord Electric Trike is Super-ultra Kawaii
  5. Lotus Green-lights the Ethos Plug-in Hybrid for 2013
  6. UK households too lazy to insulate, E.ON claims
  7. How ACE saves 95% in carbon emissions every day


  1. Water Conservation: Get a Home Water Savings Audit (or do your own!)
  2. Green Crafting: A Justifiable Means to an End?
  3. How to build a clay oven
  4. NFL Teams Continue To Promote Clean Energy, Recycling By Changing Their Own Stadiums
  5. Sierra magazine ranks UC Irvine among top 10 green schools
  6. Creative Recycling: 6 Ways To Reuse Junk Mail
  7. Giving New Life to Old Running Shoes

Image via Amsterdamize

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