Top Clean Energy News: World's Largest Offshore Wind Farms Going Up; Solar PV Reduces Price of Electricity; 70% of New Power in Europe from Renewable Energy…

I want to start covering clean energy news much more here on Planetsave, but as they say, “so much to do, so little time.” Also, since we cover that extensively on sister site CleanTechnica, I just sort of assume you all can easily pop over there and subscribe to that page for news on this topic. But, in case you don’t, here’s a quick roundup of what are, in my opinion, the biggest clean/renewable energy, energy efficiency, and EV stories of the past couple weeks.

Clean Energy (in General)

  1. 70% of New EU Power from Renewable Energy in 2011 (47% Solar, 21% Wind)
  2. HUGE Push to Save Renewable Energy Subsidies (Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biomass, & Hydro)
  3. Clean-Energy-Loving Germany Increasingly Exporting Electricity to Nuclear-Heavy France
  4. UK Groups Push for the Grassroots Solar & Wind Energy Route
  5. EU Clean Energy Sector Passes 1 Million Jobs
  6. Obama’s Budget Proposal a Win for Those Who Care about Clean Air, Clean Water, Livable Climate, & Jobs
  7. PACE Push (Two Opportunities to Help Out)

Solar Energy

  1. World’s Largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant Hits Milestone (VIDEO)
  2. Solar Power Capacity Increased 54% in 2011
  3. Solar PV Reducing Price of Electricity in Germany
  4. 10 Fastest-Growing Solar Cities in California
  5. Solar PV Cost Competitive in Middle East, New Analysis Finds
  6. 8 Top Resources for Installing Solar in 2012
  7. $89,000 — Amount Romney Could Save on Electric Bill by Going Solar
  8. Land of the Rising Sun: Japan’s Surging Sales of Residential Solar PV
  9. New Solar Cell Efficiency Record for Organic Solar Cells
  10. How Distributed Solar Can Reduce Electricity Prices

Wind Energy

  1. Wind Levelized Cost of Electricity (LCOE) at All-Time Low
  2. World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm Opening Today
  3. Installed Wind Power Capacity Up 21% Globally in 2011
  4. World’s Largest Wind Farm Has 1st (& 2nd) Turbine Up (Different from the Other “World’s Largest” Wind Farm Above)
  5. Obama Administration Approves Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Farm
  6. “Turbine Cowboys” Give Wind Power Its Own Reality Show
  7. Religious Leaders Want to Raise Offshore Wind in Maryland
  8. Support Open-Source Kenyan Wind Turbine Project (TODAY)


  1. Google, Stanford, Torrance 1st to Add Honda Fit EV 2013 to Their Fleets
  2. Electric Car Tops Out Greenest Vehicle List


  1. Friday Fun: Coal & Nuclear Towers Go Down to Beautiful Music
  2. Google Tops Cool IT Climate Ranking
  3. Energy Tax Breaks Wiki Launched
  4. 10-Year-Old Creates/Discovers New Energy-Storing Molecule (Video)
  5. Nissan Ships Its Electric Cars on a Solar-Diesel Ship
  6. Students Cutting Energy Usage Up to 17%
  7. New Battery Could Mean More-Efficient Solar Energy Storage
  8. Hydrovolts Hydrokinetic Turbines

Images via European Wind Energy Association (EWEA)U.S. Department of EnergyMoggy443Honda

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