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Borrowing (or directing you over to) another article by bicycle experts over on BikeRadar, in honor of Bike Month (and one of the greenest forms of transport on the planet (if not the greenest), here’s another great one….

BikeRadar highlighted some top tips from bike enthusiasts in its forum recently, tips on bike choice, riding, and gear. Below are a few of my favorites, but if you want to read all of them (recommended) just click on the link above.

Buy a bike that you think you’ll ride. If that’s a hybrid or mountain bike then go for that. But if you are riding further than 10 miles each way you need a road bike. And if you are riding uphill you need a road bike. And always remember that there are 1000s of people cycling to school, to work and just to get around.

I spent a few years riding a Specialized Allez (with gears) and then swapped to a Gary Fisher Triton (singlespeed) and I was grinning from ear to ear. Singlespeed for commuting in a city is great fun! I only wish someone had told me about it sooner. Clarkey cat

Make do with riding whatever bike you’ve got available until you know what kind of bike you ‘should’ be buying. Then get the best bike you can afford. Too many people jump at whatever model the bike shop recommends and in a couple of months they wish they’d got something else. Personally, I just wish that someone had told me how much fun it was – I’d have started ages ago. UndercoverElephant

They’re not posting on forums, they’re not upgrading groupsets or investing in the latest carbon fibre Italian exotica. They’re all ages, shapes and sizes. They’re just riding their bikes. You can do it too. TailWindHome

It really isn’t as difficult as you might think. Honestly. Just get on and do it. On whatever bike you have available. Once you get the bug you can start tinkering, fettling and upgrading. But first off, just get out and do it. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to try it. Ketsbaia

Get on your bike and enjoy it! (I guess that’s my tip.)

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