Top 9 Activism Stories

Check out these top activism stories of the past day or so:

Climate Politics & Activism

  1. Would you donate your Twitter or Facebook account to Al Gore?
  2. Peace Prize Laureates Ask Fellow Winner Obama To Stop Tar Sands Pipeline
  3. Deadline EXTENDED: Moving Planet Poster Contest
  4. Upcoming Event on Coal at Towson University
  5. Pacific Youth Speaking Up at Leaders Forum
  6. Hundreds of Anti-Fracking Activists Demonstrate Outrage Towards Dirty, Polluting Process

Animal Activism

  1. Medical charities ‘named and shamed’
  2. International Message to the Spanish 12 Activists (Video)
  3. Dial-A-Flight [ Living without cruelty ]

Image Credit: Attribution Some rights reserved by simone.brunozzi

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