Top 15 Activism Stories of the Week

Leading up to and since Tim DeChristopher’s sentencing to two years in prison, there’s been a lot of talk around the internet regarding the direct action that’s needed, and not needed, today. Everyone who cares about the environment seems to be getting into it. DeChristopher has now spent over one week of his two years in prison, and people are trying to find a way to make his sacrifice worth it, to take his message to a louder megaphone, to bring about the change he (and all of us) have been striving for quite unsuccessfully.

Photo by Ryan Suffern, Suckatash Productions via Peaceful Uprising

A couple of the stories below are from Tim’s organization, Peaceful Uprising, and are focused on us not losing our zeal, not falling back to sleep, and taking meaningful action NOW. Peaceful Uprising is focusing, especially, on the proposed tar sands pipeline that would be a total catastrophe for the climate and all those who rely on a it (that would include us humans — our children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on).

Other stories, like the first on the list, concern others stepping it up and strongly opposing this pipeline as well, such as some of the world’s top scientists.

Beyond the tar sands, there is some good anti-coal-mining activism going on right now, dolphin and shark activism, and more.

Here are some top activism stories of the week for you. Check them out, and get involved!!

Tim DeChristopher & Tar Sands Activism

  1. Top Climate Scientists Support Civil Disobedience Against Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline [Think Progress] [Tar Sands Action]
  2. Massive Tar Sands Pipeline Protest to Hit White House this Month [TreeHugger]
  3. The Bidder 70 26: The Catalyst That Will Ignite The Climate Movement [Desmog Blog]
  4. Don’t go back to sleep: Why I am one of the “Bidder 70 26.” [Peaceful Uprising]
  5. In the Name of Love [Peaceful Uprising]

Coal Activism

  1. Coal River Mountain Protest Continues After One Sitter Arrested [Think Progress]
  2. Protesters Continue To Block Mountaintop Removal At Coal River [Think Progress]

Other Activism Stories

  1. 7 Days Left to Speak Up for Strong Clean Air Regulations [Natural Papa]
  2. This Shark Week – Save a Shark [NRDC]
  3. In Gas Driller’s Canadian East Coast Heartland, A Day Of FRACtion [Desmog Blog]
  4. Online Fundraising for Charity Gets Social: Like It for Good [sustainablog]
  5. Grist Interview with Will Potter: Environmentalists Under Attack [Green is the New Red]
  6. Japan Police Hold Security Drill To Prepare For Dolphin Hunt Protestors [Huffington Post]
  7. Design for Detox: Challenge Nike and Adidas by getting creative! [Greenpeace]
  8. Get Involved: Form a Twitter Team for Detox! [Greenpeace]
More activism stories to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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