Too Sexy: NBC Rejects Another PETA Super Bowl Ad

How is this banned PETA ad any worse than a Victoria’s Secret ad? Or half of the beer commercials that surely will make it on the air?

They’ve had countless ads rejected in the past for various reasons, but this one is nothing but fun. I’m sure the ad will get more viewers now that it’s rejected anyway, with the power of YouTube and word of mouth. You have to wonder though, if NBC is having trouble selling ads in the current economy, why would they reject something like this?


Among NBC’s reasoning for rejecting the ad: features a woman “rubbing asparagus on [her] breast” and another “touching her breast with her hand while eating broccoli.” Complete rejection letter plus the video after the break:


  1. Josh

    Hahahaha the funny thing is that PETA is going to get more hype from this ad for being banned then they will had it been in the superbowl!
    but it was a very sexy ad…i cant really decide if its too innapropriate for TV tho

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