To Congress: Donate Your Oil Money to Gulf Restoration Efforts!

congress donate oil money to gulf restoration

Great new petition telling members of Congress to donate their oil campaign money to Gulf restoration efforts.

I’ve written about the massive amounts of money oil companies give to politicians, and the political influence that has, before. And I have to say, I wish I had thought up this simple, obvious solution for helping Gulf restoration efforts, myself. But happy that somebody did.

A new petition out, sponsored by the Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund (DWAF), tells Congress to “Donate All Oil Company Campaign Contributions to Save Gulf Wildlife.”

As of writing this, 13,222 people have signed the petition. The goal for the petition is 15,000.

If you’re not yet sure why you would want to sign this petition, here’s a good intro by DWAF on why it’s important:

Money-fueled political favors for the oil industry mean lax oversight, pollution and inaction on climate change that’s threatening the very survival of some of our most beloved species.

During the 2010 election cycle, the oil and gas industry has already contributed nearly $14 million to federal political candidates and parties – money that could and should be spent to clean up Big Oil’s mess in the Gulf.

Make your way over to the petition on and sign it today!

Image Credit: alles-schlumpf via flickr

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