Timelapse Video of the Phoenix Dust Storm

This almost apocalyptic-style time-lapse video of the dust storm that swept over Phoenix on July 5 is truly awe inspiring.

Before the video hit the internets and wet massively viral, author of the video Mike Olbinski, a local photographer, said that “There are really not many words to describe this dust storm, or what we call it here (and they also do in places like the Sahara Desert)… a haboob. This was a haboob of a lifetime. I’ve lived in Phoenix for my entire 35 years of existence and have never seen anything like this before. It was incredible.”

Olbinski stood on the top of a 4-story parking garage and said people everywhere were snapping photos and video, “like madmen.”

Also, check out the two photographs that Olbinski published.

Check out more of Mike Olbinski’s work at his website or his Facebook page.

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