Time To Go LED

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bl-ledsWe all agree that our leaders need to get together and come up with actionable legislation that will curb global warming. That being said, what can the average non-politician type do in their everyday lives to better promote this sustainable style of living.

Many eco-minded individuals do things like drive electric or hybrid vehicles, others put solar panels on their homes or businesses. Unfortunately, these high-impact upgrades are often cost prohibitive to most individuals. One high-impact area that many have overlooked, though, is their lighting sources. According to the Department of Energy, lighting accounts for about 20% of our total electricity consumption in the US. One source of lighting in particular achieves the highest marks in efficiency in study after study at the DOE. That technology is LED.

LED lighting is the most efficient lighting technology available today. LED lights used to only be available for limited applications such as indicator lighting or lighting for a small wrist watch. Today, LED technology has advanced to the point where these once-dim diodes are illuminating houses, commercial warehouses, even sports stadiums. Not only do they now have the output to be useful to the average consumer, but they are also easy to install. If you’re on the lookout for your first LEDs, companies like superbrightleds.com carry a wide range of easy-to-install “plug and play” options that can have a large impact on your lighting electricity bill after only a quick-and-easy 5 minute install. This makes it easier than ever to convert to this high-tech lighting technology and start saving money, and the environment.

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