Tim DeChristopher's New Prison Address

Will Potter of Green is the New Red just wrote that “Tim DeChristopher has been transferred to the prison where he is expected to do his time.” and “How about writing him a letter of support?”

Good idea that I had to pass along.

Tim’s new prison address is:

Tim DeChristopher
FCI Herlong Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 800
Herlong, CA 96113

And Tim’s organization, Peaceful Uprising, has provided some good tips for writing to Tim in Prison. Check them out.

Some tips from Will as well:

Sometimes folks tell me they’re nervous writing prisoners, because they don’t know them personally and don’t know what to say. Don’t be! Tell a joke, describe something interesting you read recently, ask a question, draw a picture… anything you think might take their mind off their surroundings, if even for a moment. Now go write!

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