Three Sea Shepherd Activists Injured in Clash with Whalers


The news: Reportedly, 3 sea shepherd activists(or whale warriors) have been injured in a clash with Japanese whalers. “The Japanese whalers have escalated their aggression by throwing iron grappling hooks at Sea Shepherd boats,” the Sea Shepherd team writes. “Two Steve Irwin crew were struck in the shoulder with iron grappling hooks and one crewmember was struck twice in the face with a long bamboo pole.” More pictures and more info via the link above.

sea shepherd activists injured

Why this is important: The Japanese are illegally hunting endangered whale species. With international agencies in charge of protecting these whales not living up to their task, Sea Shepherd activists are essentially our last resort at protecting these beautiful, intelligent whales.

Opportunities for action: Donate to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, or even see if you can join their efforts somehow.

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