The Top 10 Species in the US Most in Need of Protection

A team of eight scientists and conservationists with the Endangered Species Coalition have determined the top 10 species in the United States that deserve protection under the Endangered Species Act.


The animals and plants that were considered for the list, titled “Without a Net,” were nominated by various organizations across the country. The coalition prepared the list because they believe that the US Fish and Wildlife Services do not sufficiently research and list species in need of new protection.

1. Pacific Walrus – Alaska

2. Red Knot, rufa population – East Coast, Texas

3. Wolverine – Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington

4. Gunnison Sage-grouse – Colorado, Utah

5. Fluvial Arctic Grayling – Montana

6. Island Marble Butterfly – Washington

7. Southern Rockies Boreal Toad – Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho

8. Mason’s Skypilot – California and Nevada

9. Great White Shark – Coastal States

10. Wood Turtle – Great Lakes and Northeastern States, Virginia and West Virginia

Photo Credits: All under Creative Commons license. Top and 3 by FiskFisk. 1by U.S.Fish & Wildlife Service. 2 by 4 by 5 by uncredited. 6 by wolfraven. 7 by Bryanto. 8 by ilya_ktsn. 9 by Michael Van Balen. 10 by audreyjm529.

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  1. Who is the photographer of the Arctic Grayling? I’d like to present it as an image for my client’s calendar. They are a coldwater conservation group. Thanks.

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