The Lindberg Report Podcast: The Sleeping Nuclear Giant May Awaken, Be Afraid

uf6-typical-storage-yard.jpgOur lawmakers have agreed to increase funding to guarantee up to 80% of loans for nuclear expansion. 17 companies are reportedly planning construct up to 30 new nuclear power stations.

I decided to dedicate my first official Planetsave podcast to the nuclear industry and the threats to our safety that come with it. Several links are mentioned in the podcast, and they are listed below.

Before we start, let me call your attention to some photos taken by the Department of Energy. They show open air storage vessels containing high-level radioactive material.

The image above is one of the three cylinder storage yards in America. You will find more pictures of rusted, leaking and patched cylinders in the Department of Energy link.

So, let’s continue…


The links I mentioned are below.

Department of Energy
The Tennessean
Sierra Club
Sierra Club Marilyn Berlin Snell

1 thought on “The Lindberg Report Podcast: The Sleeping Nuclear Giant May Awaken, Be Afraid”

  1. NEVER let Americans touch Nuclear Technology! get over yourselves and go to Canada and get safe reliable and fuel-recyclable “Can Do” reactors. OR: visit
    to see Toshiba’s safe,domestic reactors already in world wide use outside propaganda ridden “bigger is better” USA.
    Also see McGill University circa 1955 “slow poke” reactor, another realistic energy solution that would prevent the shit skins that collected at the oil well heads and formed opic from hi jacking the American economy at will, and blackmailing American politicians into murdering their soldiers for middle east interests.

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