The Prince's Rainforests Project Declares: "Deforestation Causes Climate Change In Any Language"

The Prince’s Rainforests Project works with governments, business, NGOs and individuals to increase global recognition of the contribution of tropical deforestation to climate change and to find ways to make the rainforests worth more alive than dead.”- Project mission statement

The Rainforest Declaration is admirable and their site details show the rainforest nations they are trying to protect. The project includes free resources for schools, student competitions, and an awards celebration coming up this Spring at Cannes 2009.

The Prince’s simple video ‘Deforestation Causes Climate Change In Any Language’ spells out the problem they are trying to address. Click here and learn more about helping the Prince save our rainforest nations as he also prepares for the climate talks in Copenhagen at the end of the year. He states:

“The task is to review, develop and propose practical mechanisms that acknowledge the true value of the eco-system services provided by the world’s remaining rainforests. These solutions need to provide credible incentives to host nations, and to local communities, and must out-compete the drivers of rainforest destruction.”


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