The Mercy Project Update (1st Listening of Pauli Carman's Remake of Marvin Gaye's Classic "Mercy, Mercy Me")

The Mercy Project Video

A beautiful remake of Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy Me” was just produced by Pauli Carman in response to the BP oil spill and as a fundraiser for response efforts. Listen to it below.


Last week I wrote about a new project to help respond to the BP oil spill disaster: The Mercy Project. As a quick update to that, The Mercy Project Listening Session (a full recording of Pauli Carman’s remake of Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy Me”) is now posted on The Pauli Carman Show (available for listening below as well).

I absolutely love it. But I am a huge Marvin Gaye fan in the first place. Nonetheless, remakes and covers aren’t always very impressive, and I think Pauli really did a great job remaking and adding to “Mercy, Mercy Me”.

On the second link above there is also NBC News coverage of The Mercy Project.

[vimeo id=12697862]

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