The Lindberg Report Podcast: Hops Have Feelings Too!

leprechaunparty.jpgAs we approach another St. Patrick’s Day celebration, I think it only appropriate to bring everyone’s attention to PETH. Recent news stories indicate there is a shortage of hops, mainly because farmers are turning their attention to growing corn, soybeans and other food crops for the manufacture of ethanol and biodiesel.

While recording interviews for our Greening the Golden Years podcast series, I received an email from a senior, Mr. John Lane, who’s become very interested in a group called “PETH,” but he failed to say what it was all about. So, being the curious one, I called him and had the most “interesting” conversation. Look out, PETA — here comes the People for the Ethical Treatment of Hops.


Enjoy the day, and, have one for the hops.

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