Baby Boomers Have 10,000 Days, The Lindberg Report

david-mills.JPGWhat happens when a Baby Boomer realizes he still has at least 10,000 or more days to be productive, and maybe finish some of the things he promised to do more than 10,000 days ago?

David Mills wrote a book about it, “10,000 Days, A Call To Arms for the Baby Boom Generation,” a challenge to the 78 million Baby Boomers to, as he puts it,

“Find the spirit that evoked thought and action 40 years ago. Rekindle the internal flame that is still burning like a tiny pilot light in many of us.”

Mills, Producer and Writer for CBS 5’s Weekend Early Edition on San Francisco’s KPIX-TV, states his case in an easy to read style, reviewing the events that shaped the last 7 decades, and how that affected the Boomer’s lives.

David asks,

Our final chapter hasn’t been written, my fellow Boomers. What will our legacy be?”

“What we did when we were young…or what we did when we were old.”

David’s book is available on, and his website is named, not surprisingly, “10,000 Days.”

Oh, and that’s Dave in the picture, with his grandson, Shea.

Here’s our conversation:


1 thought on “Baby Boomers Have 10,000 Days, The Lindberg Report”

  1. Thank you for your post and your book–and for reminding boomers of how to LIVE. ‘

    I’m saddened by the despair that the latest Alzheimer’s Report of how many boomers will get Alzheimer’s.

    I cared for my mom who had Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s–all the way to the end–she passed away in my home. I know what this disease does, and I’m not about to “give up the fight.” I plan to live a BIG life. If I’m going to forget everything, I at least want a lot to forget!

    I speak and teach at a lot of caregiving centers/care facilities, and the stories the men and women tell me of their adventures, heartbreaks, tragedies and victories inspire me to get out and make a few adventures of my own. I want lots to brag about in my golden years.

    The bottom line is that I’m not going to fear the future. I plan to live big and love hard. Boomers need to dig down deep and find their inner rebel (you know it’s in there) and get busy living a grand life.

    ~Carol D. O’Dell
    Author of Mothering Mother: A Daughter’s Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir

    available on Amazon

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