The Irony of Global Warming Denial

The irony of global warming denial in one simple phrase

Denying reality: the irony of global warming denial in one simple phrase

Climate change (global warming, global climate disruption, it doesn’t matter what you call it) has become such an idealogical and political football that some who claim they “don’t believe in global warming” seem to have lost sight of one immutable fact. Global warming doesn’t need anyone’s belief.

If nobody believed in God, would He still exist? That is a question for others to ponder and far beyond the capacity of this poor blogger. But would climate change still exist even if every God-fearing inhabitant on Earth denied its existence? Yes it would – as it laps at our disbelief, laughing at the irony of it all.

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3 thoughts on “The Irony of Global Warming Denial”

  1. “Long-time greens are painfully aware that the arguments of global warming skeptics are like zombies in a ’70s B movie. They get shot, stabbed, and crushed, over and over again, but they just keep lurching to their feet and staggering forward. That’s because — news flash! — climate skepticism is an ideological, not a scientific, position, and as such it bears only a tenuous relationship to scientific rules of evidence and inference.” –David Roberts, The Nation, 24 February 2008

  2. I always find it ironic that most climate change deniers are strong Biblical Christians. So, they believe in an invisible guy in the sky, but deny facts and data that can be seen. Hmmmmm

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