The Green Apple Continues to Ripen

dsc_0195 A new year starts, and with it comes two of the year’s biggest tech conventions, essentially right on top of each other. The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas finished last week, only to let MacWorld start this week, with Steve Jobs’ keynote speech.

And for the green nerds among us, it was a big speech indeed.

Greenpeace – who have been hard on Apple’s tail for awhile now – have applauded Steve Jobs and what he announced yesterday. In fact, the whole green community should applaud Apple, for seeing the need and acting upon it to make their products greener.

Last year wasn’t a great year for the computer giant, receiving much criticism for a less-than-green iPhone, and a lackluster commitment to phasing out the use of harmful chemicals in their products. Of course, a lot of people took Greenpeace to task for overlooking certain things in their review, but all in all Apple could have done better.

appleenviroThe proof is in the pudding though, and on Tuesday Steve gave a lot of us what we had been asking for for a long time. Putting aside the lackluster announcements, in comparison to last year’s iPhone introduction, the MacBook Air – which literally fits inside an interoffice envelope – is one of the greenest computers now on the market (available for pre-order if you’re interested).

The MacBook Air website even has its own little Environmental Status Report, which shows just what Apple is doing for the environment. Mercury free LCD display and an arsenic free glass, PVC free internal cables, this computer exceeds European Standards.

Apple are trying so hard, and they’re nearly at the point where they could be called an environmental leader in the technological industry. Let’s keep the pressure on them, and keep them honest!


Greenpeace – Green apple not quite ripe?

Apple Tech Specs

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3 thoughts on “The Green Apple Continues to Ripen”

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